A history in publishing

Edizioni Esav is an Italian publishing house for trade magazines in the beauty industry. The most important magazine is Estetica, founded in 1946 by Mino Pissimiglia and dedicated to the world of hairdressing. Published in 24 editions, Estetica is distributed in more than 60 countries (from Japan to the Usa, from France and Germany to Russia) with a circulation of over 338,000 copies. Edizioni Esav also publishes the magazine Zefiro, another hairdressing magazine, and Allure, a trade beauty magazine in the field of perfumery.

Web: yesterday, today and tomorrow

Since it was first created, Edizioni Esav has never failed to strive for growth and updating, and it was with this spirit that it launched its first professional web portal Estetica.it back in 1996. From the middle of the first decade of the new millennium, it accelerated its online activity and, today, the web platform offers 8 professional websites (in Italy and around the world) principally concerned with hairdressing, 2 consumer websites, apps for iOs and Android, blogs and activity on social media. This intense growth led in November 2013 to the birth of Beautybit srl, a digital spin-off of Edizioni Esav, from which naturally followed the birth of an ecommerce site to meet hairdressers’ each and every need.